Photography Akos Major

During my clinical rotations in medical school, I despised stuffing my white coat with stacks of Spanish-English cheat-sheets that were vital for rounding in a city hospital. 

As I was trying to put together my notes onto my iPod Touch in 2008, my friend Ameir Al-Zoubi, a computer genius and Apple aficionado‎, and I decided the world would be a better place if more people also had access to my cheat-sheets.

I gathered multiple students and interpreters from the local community to work on the content to ensure accuracy and as a way to reinvest into the community. 

Within a few months, we were one of the first to publish on the iTunes App Store a medical Spanish phrasebook, now used by tens of thousands worldwide. Ameir moved on to founding Batoul Apps

Having just finished my training at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Internal Medicine Residency program, I am now a hospitalist in the Boston-metro area and instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School.