I can't hear the audio. What can I do?

Common problem, but with an easy fix. You either have the volume on too low, or the device is inadvertently muted. Here's the solution:

  1. In your home screen, scroll up slowly from the bottom of your screen to pull up the control center
  2. make sure that the audio is set on high
  3. if no avail, try flipping the mute switch on the outside part of the iPad or iPhone to make sure the device isn’t muted

Do you offer discounts?

We brought our prices below market value to make them affordable for all students and providers. We do offer discounts to organizations which buy in bulk. For more info, check out: http://www.apple.com/education/it/vpp/

Do you write apps for the Android?

We're working on it!

How long did it take to create the Medical Spanish app?

Between writing the content, coding, interpreting, and editing, well over >1,000 hours. Then we stopped counting.